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FREITAG Penny & Leonard

Money per se is becoming increasingly more theoretical, and banknotes especially are getting increasingly less colorful and more boring. So, it’s a good thing that our individual, recycled F558 LEONARD and F559 PENNY wallets with their higher proportion of designer tarp are now making payments more colorful and more tangible.

Mr. Wattson

Mr. Wattson is a handmade LED lamp. The combination of the ash wood body and the 1946 Vespa-inspired headlight have made Mr. Wattson into the icon he is. However you choose to display Mr. Wattson the movement and flexibility of the joints are what give Mr. Wattson his stellar personality.

Sprocket Rocket Lomo Camera

Prepare yourself for a new, breathtaking lomographic adventures with this camera. Featuring a super-wide lens, this 35 mm compact camera is the first analog camera to feature a rewind button to allow you to mix and match your photos! Create photos with an unmistakably analog look by using the perforation holes aswell.


The top-loader is made of a strong, light ex-PET-bottle material and stands on solid foundations made of FREITAG’s first true love: individual, recycled truck tarp.
F600 CARTER is made for lightweight commuting with or without heavy PETting.

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